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Who I am

I am a Certified Professional Coach ICF, International Coaching Federation, the most important (and demanding!) global association for promoting and qualifying the profession world wide.

I hold a degree with honours in Psychological Sciences and Organizational Paychology, and a master degree in Human Resources Development. I have deepened also the study of Communication, a field I have approached professionally from different perspectives, going from creativity to public speaking, from corporate relations to social responsibility. Always passionate about the Human Being, with a focus on personal development in social contexts (job place, family relations, etc.), I’m deeply commited in supporting people on their path of human and professional growth so that they can transform their life into a work of art. Facilitating the emergence of one’s personal and unique Life Purpose, I allow my clients to let their talent (the Daimon) shine and expand, while supporting them in achieving meaningful results with a sense of deep overall well-being in all life areas.

Beyond qualifications, Coaching for me is, above all, a way of being and inhabiting Life, a never-ending journey of experimentation and personal growth, through which to increasingly refine the ability to listen to the Other and accompany his or her evolution, developing trust in self and context. As a coach, therefore, I feel myself a “social enzyme“, a catalyst for change, and I coach people to empower themselves and expand upon perspectives, generating wonder in oneself and others: as in, I teach fishing rather than offering fish...

I created “DAIMON COACHING” with the ideal goal of contributing to global improvement through the Improvement of individuals. In particular, I support individuals and groups to “flourish” and become the full self-expression of themselves, using different tools, tailored to the client: Integral Coaching Progams, single sessions, Team coaching, workshops, moments of sharing and fun, and training. In the future, my purpose for Daimon Coaching is to evolve into a HOLYSTIC CENTER FOR HUMAN EMPOWERMENT, aimed at individuals and groups, whether work teams or families.

I love accompanying people who wish to build a rich and fulfilling Life, in line with their own values, and who are determined to support their own human growth to fully manifest their talents

Why Daimon

It was Heraclitus who first mentioned DAIMON, in the motto Ethos Anthropoi Daimon, “a man’s character is his destiny.” With the Myth of Er, Plato later revived the concept: the Daimon was the protective deity assigned to each Soul before returning to life, to fulfill its destiny.

Here is the myth:

Er was a warrior who, though dead, was granted the privilege of returning to earth to tell men how the destiny/rebirth system worked and to warn them in choosing carefully what life to have, before returning to earth…

In the afterlife, Er found himself in a verdant meadow where sat, around the goddess ANÀNKE (=necessity), the 3 Moires, goddesses of fate and daughters of her and Zeus. Ananke held up all the spindles (the possible fates of humans) on her knees, and from time to time LACHÈSI (=the lot) would take a pile of them and draw the turn, asking each Soul, lined up for reincarnation, to choose its fate. Souls chose based on their past, some by confirmation, some by contrast, some just hastily. Once chosen, Lachesi assigned each one a DAIMON (protective deity) to help them in the task/possibility of fulfilling their own unique and exclusive destiny. At that point the second moira, CLOTO (=the spinner) confirmed it and finally the third, ATROPO (=the inexorable) made it immutable. After the ceremony was over, the souls walked into the valley of the LETE River, the river of oblivion, and were forced to drink its water so that they would forget the afterlife experience. Some souls could not restrain themselves from thirst and drank too much; they will be the ones who, in life, will have the hardest time recognizing their choice. The Daimon, conversely, does not drink, having to remain acutely aware of the destiny to which it is bound and of which it is the guardian.

The Daimon thus represents our inner guide, that subtle voice that inspires us along our evolutionary path so that we can fulfill our existential mission (or Life Purpose) and thus achieve Eudaimonìa, a fully and deeply realized life. That same voice that often, disoriented by surrounding “noise” (contingent events, pressures, stereotypes, social or other people’s expectations, etc.) we are no longer able to grasp, often making us dissatisfied despite the results or restless and cyclically in search of “something else”, but without being clear about what.

Thus, as Socrates first did with maieutics, the coach accompanies the individual in listening to Self and supports him or her, with simple but powerful questions, in bringing out what he or she intimately desires and then concretely commits to achieving, step, after step, after step. Thanks to Coaching then, everyone can take charge of his or her own destiny and bring it to fruition.


Our purpose, then, is to enable you to realign the different parts of you into an integrated whole, coherent and meaningful and, with that, enjoy to the fullest the life you have built, or the one you are going to create.

What you can achieve with me


With the Integral Pathway

Bring forth your Existential Mission
, define and achieve meaningful results in every area of your life and elevate your overall well-being, according to SUN, Success Unlimited Network, holistic methodology


With the Sessions

Turn fears into power of action, align mind body and soul, and overcome every challenge successfully
Turn a work group into a successful team with TEAM COACHING


With the Daimon Moments

Connect with others and integrate with other disciplines (photography, dance, horseback riding, tennis, psychology, cooking, mindfulness, etc.) for Extensive Human Development


With the School

Acquire coaching skills to improve your personal and professional life (Base Level)
Become a Professional Coach and start your own business (Advanced Level)

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