Individual and Group Coaching


Individual paths

Each Person/client is a case by case, therefore the program (duration and cost) is always customized based on the theme and specific needs. The best choice is to start with an acquaintance meeting which we will call an “exploratory interview” – OFFERED BY US AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT in which we can talk directly, examine the situation and check the compatibility between the request and coaching, between client and coach.

Broadly speaking, the options are:

The integral pathway is based on the SUN Success Unlimited Network® methodology,
created by Teri E-Belf in the 1990s, refined and validated over time with 30 years of experience in the field. It has an holistic approach, both emotional and structured, in which you will learn to master the ability to define (and then get) the results you really want in every area of your life, while maintaining an overall sense of well-being. It is not so much about achieving striking peak performances, but rather transforming your approach in a structural way, so that, even after finishing the program, you have the tools you need to independently achieve the satisfaction you want in every area of your life.

5 good reasons why to choose the Integral Coaching Pathway

1. Covers all areas of life

2. It has a “spiritual” basis, a deep approach to the Person

3. It has a predefined beginning and end, so…

4. … you know immediately the investment of time and money needed

5. Empowers you with a tailored methodology

Duration: 5-6 months; 10 sessions of 90-120 mn every 2/3 weeks, tot. about 20 hours


These are cycles of “tailor-made” coaching sessions conducted according to ICF International Coaching Federation standards, 60mn or 90mn depending on the specific characteristics and needs of the case. You can use them to achieve results in a particular area, but you can also use them to get a first “taste” of coaching, in case you are not yet sure you want to commit to an integral path on all areas of life. Or, you can benefit from it after the end of a full program, in case you need reinforcement and “maintenance” over time. The best formula is the one “tailored” for you and we will find it together, after an initial exploratory interview of 90 mn, for free and with no obligation. You will test whether coaching is the right choice for you and whether the conditions for an ideal partnership are created.

Duration: 2-3 months; 8/10 sessions of 60-90 mn every 2/3 weeks, tot. about 10 hours



Designed for deep change and integrated support on all areas of life, this path combines the comprehensive program according to SUN’s model, enriched with Visual Coaching sessions to (re)activate hidden resources, and reinforced by basic training on the 8 coach competencies according to ICF. In this way you will not only acquire the ability to be the creative force in your Life but you will also learn to use some essential skills that every coach knows and that are useful in every area of Life, from love, to children education, to professional relationships. Active listening, embracing others in their diversity, perceiving energy shifts, offering powerful feedback, facilitating the development of potential, and communicating concisely and constructively are just some of the skills you will be able to acquire along the journey. If you are curious and would like to better understand the different options, please contact us without obligation!

Duration: 10-11 months; 8/10 sessions of 90-120mn every 2/3 weeks + 7/10 sessions of 60-90mn, tot. about 30 hours


Group Pathways

A working group, whether minimal (2 individuals) or extended (group of groups), is a “complex system“, That is, a set of elements that interact with each other and influence each other mutually, in which “the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts“: this means that a group is not the trivial “sum” of many individuals, but should be regarded as an indivisible unit created by the set of individuals and by the set of relationships ofmutual influence existing between them, and outside the group.

Each individual in fact exists both as an individual and as part of a context, and should be treated as such. Working with a group therefore implies being able to keep a double gait, as if it were a counterpoint, managing to maintain at the same time the focus on the individual and On the group, on the detail  and on the big picture view.

Again, each situation is unique, therefore the intervention is always personalized and integrates group and individual moments, though within the framework of working on the team.

Considering that generally the real “teams” do not exist per se but have to be built from the existing group, we generally propose two stages in a program with the group:

  • Phase 1 – TEAMSHIP BUILDING: this consists of 1/2 days of work, totaling about 8-12 hours, aimed at creating an essential base of “teamship” (ability of the group, to feel and act as a “team”) that will then be developed/consolidated over time through the team coaching sessions;
  • Phase 2 – TEAM COACHING: path established with the client based on the desired results; this is a predefined number of sessions of about 120 mn, repeated every 3-4 weeks over the months.
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