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This space was created as a place for insight, where we can share both our reflections developed in books, interviews and articles as well as the texts we have read, so that they may offer you, too, useful insights and inspiration along the journey.

Educating children today, seems like a titanic undertaking?
Do you feel like you’ve lost your way as an individual while managing your family? If you want to delve deeper into the psychological aspects of being a parent, your experiences as a transitioning man or woman, or better understand the developmental dynamics of your children, grandchildren, or friends, you can find some suggestions here: BEING A FATHER, BEING A MOTHER. Hystory of an ordeal  by Letizia Ciancio

Being a father being a mother

Does change attract you but at the same time scare you?
Are you in the midst of an important transition and and feeling overwhelmed by emotions? If you want to understand the individual and collective dynamics underlying the processes of change, the significance of this in our growth, and what to do to influence attitudes, motivations and behaviors, you may find this helpful: THE CHANGE THAT IS POSSIBLE. Understanding and leading change in contemporary society

by Letizia Ciancio

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