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Natural Leadership in Work and Life

May 15, 2023


Leadership is an attitude commonly found in nature, and the horse world is certainly one in which this is most evident. By studying this world and the dynamics that govern relationships with each other and with human beings, it has been possible to recognize the most relevant elements that determine leadership and how they can be brought back and applied in our reality. The concept of Natural Leadership is based on using the very natural processes that occur in all of us, this causes us to reduce obstacles and fatigue by expanding the comfort zone.

By Leadership we mean the ability to inspire someone to the point that they feel a desire to walk the same path, take the same direction, pursue the same vision. The word “someone” includes others and oneself. Natural Leadership is that which is manifested using those natural processes that involve all individuals and which can be recognized and verified through observation, listening and experience.

There is a big difference between knowing/understanding something and learning something. In an experiential program, practice and learning go hand in hand, the moment you learn something and apply it in the field, experience it, test it, and repeat it, it becomes part of your experience, you have learned it, new neuro-connections have been made, and you can replicate it. And if the process takes place accompanied by intense emotions, those arising from firsthand experiences, it makes the learnings achieved permanently fixed. After the program, practice continues to grow results and raise one’s level of skill and mastery.

through an effective blend of theory and specific practical activities, you immediately begin to develop 4 MACRO AREAS that are very important for leadership:

  1. Communicating effectively
  2. Acquire and transmit confidence
  3. Managing emotions
  4. Personal responsibility and power

You will learn:

  • the dynamics underlying this mode of Leadership;
  • natural processes to accelerate and enhance the skills you need;
  • The elements that make a difference in effective leadership;
  • The strategy for moving from directing to enticing;
  • How to give directions to guide someone to take an unfamiliar path;
  • Where to draw on to fuel your personal power.

During the practices you will simultaneously train various skills, including:

  • Modulate your energy
  • Guiding yourself between challenges and goals
  • Strategic observation and listening
  • Keeping Your Focus
  • Giving directions
  • How to use feedback
  • Using determination
  • Working in groups
  • Creating empathy and connection
  • Having confidence in others
  • Conveying confidence
  • Directing and leading


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