A chat with Letizia Ciancio

Nov 22, 2021 | Coaching

Dol’s knows Letizia Ciancio for many years and has already interviewed Because she is an example of a resilient, dynamic, and growing woman. Mother of 3 children, tireless seeker of meaning. He has a multifaceted path, whose common thread is a passion for communication, relationships, and people.

His guiding words are authenticity, passion, sharing. Believes in the power of networking and trusting relationships to build more sustainable and inclusive societies.

Finally ineliminable detail is that he believes that happiness is a right but also a duty, at any rate a great responsibility. He believes in generative contamination between disciplines because each represents a different look at reality.

From the French school in Rome (which made her a polyglot), she came to coaching, moving from dance to visual desigh in New York, to external relations delving into the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR or CSR)

A spirit of continuous growth has always characterized her, and she decided to graduate first in Psychology and then pursue a master’s degree on the Study of Human Resources

From the studies he made, his first monographs emerged with the aim of delivering to every “sense-seeker,” some tool for understanding one’s own internal and collective dynamics and with the idea of stimulating the ability to “dance” complexity.

Her desire to make a concrete contribution to society has also seen her committed since 2006 to women’s empowerment as secretary general & pr of pink current, founded in that year,

He then decided to evolve further, initiating a third phase of my life, and thus became certified as a Professional Coach, through training accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), the most important reference association in the field internationally.

Through coaching, it helps people define their Life Purpose, bring out their talents (the “daimon”) and use them, to become fully satisfied with themselves from every point of view, both personally and professionally.

Here’s to you listening to the four chats with a person so full of life and continuous desire for growth.

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